Lesean McCoy vs. Osi Umenyiora

Over the past few days there has been an ongoing media battle between Philadelphia Eagles running back Lesean McCoy and New York Giants defensive end Osi Umenyiora. On Thursday McCoy posted a tweet to his twitter that Umenyiora is “soft” and the third best defensive linemen on the Giants. Umenyiora responded to the New York Times saying that he and his Giants teammates often refer to McCoy as “chihuahua” or “Lady Gaga”. Umenyiora often referred to McCoy as she.

Since McCoy was drafted to the Eagles in 2009 the Eagles are 4-0 against the Giants and that is the only thing that should be doing the talking.

Clearly this was not smart for either of them to do but it should add some spice to an already heated rivalry between the Giants and the Eagles.


Phillies – Mariners Game 1

Interleague play is back as last night the Phillies put their seven game winning streak on the line as they visited Seattle to face the Mariners for the first time in six years. The pitching match-up looked to be one sided as the Phillies sent Roy Oswalt to the mound to go up against Mariner’s rookie Michael Pineda. This was far from the case as the Phillies were not able to get a hit off of Pineda until there were two outs in the sixth inning. Pineda ended his outing giving up one run in six innings while the Mariners were able to score four runs off of Oswalt with help from Ichiro’s three hits. Shane Victorino added a home run in the eighth inning but it was not enough as the Mariners won the first game of a three game series by a final score of 4-2.

With the loss the Phillies were still able to maintain a five game lead in the National League East as the Braves lost to the Rangers by a final of 5-2.